​About Facbuy

Facbuyとは、Fac=Factory 工場或いはメーカー、Buy=買う


Facbuy means buying popular products directly from manufacturers.

We are more concerned about the design and quality of product, provide retail and wholesale, also provide customization services for customers who want to own their own brands.

世界の製品のほとんどは中国製であり、バイヤーは工場から直接購入できるため、不要なコストを節約できます。 信頼性の高い工場のみを選定しておりますので、安心してご購入いただけます。


Most of the world's products are made in China and buyers can buy directly from the factories, saving unnecessary costs. Through us,  you can purchase with confidence because we only select factories with high credibility.



Retail goods can be  purchased directly in our online shop
For wholesale goods,  we provide various genre of goods, only by charging 20% of the purchase value, we provide one-stop service from inquiry to logistics.Please contact us directly.